How to install and activate the eRoom plug-in - Siemens

There are several versions of eRoom Monitor / Plug-in (client) available. Which version you should install is dependant on which version the eRoom server you are connecting to is using.

You can find the version of eRoom server by hovering the mouse pointer over the logo at the top left corner of the window where you have your eRoom in your browser. There should then be a small pop-up text box with the version of the eRoom server.

For Siemens eRoom it will be an upgrade of servers April / May, and the new version will be 7.50.601.66, and it is recommended that you install this new version in order to be prepared for the upgrade.

Plug-in is currently only supported (officially) by Internet Explorer, but will in some cases need some settings to be adjusted in order to work. Please follow the steps below in order to activate yopur plug-in:

  1. Install the corresponding plug-in from the link above.
  2. Start eRoom monitor.  It is usually available from a shortcut on your desktop, or you can find it in the folder C:\Programfiler (x86)\eRoom7\). 
  3. Go to the login page for your eRoom.
  4. Activate compatibility view in Internet Explorer. This should be done while browsing the eRoom page. See attachment for a picture of how this can be done.
  5. Add your eRoom-domain (URL) to 'Trusted sites'. See attachment for a picture of how to do this.
    In some cases a computer might be locked by security settings from your system administrator / local IT department, and you are not able to manage these settings yourself. If so, please contact your local IT support and ask them to add the settings in 4 and 5 for you, as JOINT Support are not able to do this either.
  6. Restart Internet Explorer (All tabs must be cloased)
  7. Log in to eRoom
  8. In 'My member info' - insure that the checkbox for 'Use plug-in software' is ticked. - picture

If neither of these steps should help, there are two other possibilities:

  1. You can try a different web browser, for instance Google Chrome.
    But, as these are not directly supported for use with plug-in in eRoom, they will need some help. There is a third party extension for these browsers called 'IE Tab'. See guide for Chrome for installation of this extension.
    Please note that JOINT Collaboration AS is not affiliated with 'IE Tab' or its creators, and this is not a supported extension.
  2. You can start a screen sharing with one of our supporters. Please start TeamViewer and then contact us at phone or chat and we will be able to remote control your computer and see if there are any settings we can fix for you.
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