Add comments

All participants can add comments to files and entries. Comments may be removed or modified.  
Note: Observers cannot add comments.

  • Use the check box in front of the file or entry in the folder or click on the "i" button in the upper right corner above the folder content. Start typing in the box for Comments to the right.


  • Open the entry and start typing in the comments box
  • When you have finished click the Save button in the comments box
  • Change or delete the comment by clicking on the icons by the comment

Every change and optionally deletion of comments will be logged.

You can see a quick overview of the comments for an entry by clicking on the number in the column represented by a speech bubble in the active folder.

Mentions: Notify a person or a group via comments
In the comment’s section of Interaxo you can use "mentions", by typing the @ character and write at least two letters, to get the members list of the room and then choose the ones to be notified directly by email from Interaxo.

The @ sign and the name or group name turns blue. An oval box is drawn around the name or the group name. Write the comment and save it. If you mention a group, all the members of that selected group will receive an email from INTERAXO with the same information.

A great benefit of using mentions instead of the "Share" function 
By using comments with mentions instead of using the Share button, the message is saved and logged in the room, together with the content and a time stamp and who you shared it with (who you mentioned). This in comparison to the Share button where the message is NOT saved, only the time stamp and who you shared it with is saved in that case.

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