Add comments

Add public comments

All participants in a room can add comments to files and entries. Own comments may be removed or modified. Public comments may be read by all room members. Perform the following steps to add public comments:

  • Tick the check box in front of the file or entry in question
  • Open the desired entry

  • Click on the circled "i" button in the upper right corner above the folder content to open the activities and comments pane. 

  • Click inside and start typing in the comment box

  • When you have finished click the Save button 

  • Modify or delete the comment by clicking on the corresponding icons inside the comment

 Note: All operations on a comment will be logged.
           Observers cannot add comments.

A number in the speech bubble column indicates the number of comments added to a file or entry. By clicking on the number, the activities and comments pane is opened.

Add internal comments

This feature is not implemented yet.


Mentions: Notify a person or a group

You can use mentions in comments by typing the @ character and start typing a user's name in order to  notify room members. All selected members will receive an e-mail from Interaxo showing the comment and a link to the file/entry..

If you mention a group, all the members of that selected group will receive an email from INTERAXO with the same information.

Benefits of using mentions in comments instead of the Share function 

By using comments with mentions instead of using the Share button, the message is saved and logged in the room, together with the content and a time stamp and who you shared it with (who you mentioned). This in comparison to the Share button where the message is NOT saved, only the time stamp and who you shared it with is saved.

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