Create, edit and delete rooms

Manage a room

A room can only be in one workspace at a time. The Workspace Administrator can move the room to another workspace as long as he is the workspace administrator for this. The Workspace Administrator has all rights to all rooms in the workspace. The Room Administrator has all rights in her rooms.

Order new room

Any room member can order a new room by clicking  the Order new room button. Fill in the Order new room form in order to send a request to the Workspace Administrators in question:

  • Select workspace (required)
  • Enter a reason (required)
  • Suggest a room name
  • Click the Ok button to send the request

If the user happens to be the Workspace Administrator for the selected Workspace, he/she will be redirected to the Create new room form in the Administration client.

Open a room

From the Administration client, a room can be opened in a new tab by clicking the room name.

Create new room

New rooms can only be created by a Workspace Administrator. Complete the following steps to create a new room:

  • Choose Create room from the workspace context menu 
  • Choose whether you want to create an empty room or a based on an existing template
  • Select With content if you want to include content from the template room 
  • Add the following settings:
    • Title, i.e room name (required).
      The room name must be unique within the workspace.
    • Change the room's Short name if desired. This is usually only necessary to avoid duplicates (the short name must be unique).
      If you want to you can now select the SUBMIT button to create the room before proceeding.
    • Fill in the Description 
    • Optionally enter text or pictures in the field Instructions 
    • Create at least one room administrator (required)
    • Select whether the new room is a template room or not
    • Decide whether the room should Use default invitation text or Custom invitation text

Edit room settings

Perform the following steps to make changes to a room:

  • Choose Settings from the menu
  • Change the room name if desired.
    Please note that the room name must be unique within the workspace
  • Change Description 
  • Change text or pictures in the field Instructions 
  • Optionally remove or add Room Administrators.
    There must be a minimum of one Room Administrator per room.
  • Optionally select another Workspace.
    You can only move the room to a workspace for which you are the Workspace Administrator
  • Change the settings for the invitation text
  • Click SUBMIT to save the changes

Move a room to another workspace

  • Choose Move from the menu
  • Select the new workspace from the pop-up
  • Click the MOVE-button

Delete rooms

All administrators can delete rooms. The following steps must be taken to delete a room:

  • Navigate to the room list under Workspaces & Rooms
  • Select Delete from the menu
  • A message which describes the consequences, pops up.
  • Confirm whether you want to delete the room (YES) or not (NO).
  • An additional YES/NO question must then be answered.
  • By answering YES on both questions the room will be deleted.


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