Manage room members


New room members are created by the Room Administrator. When creating new room members, the Room Administrator can either choose from the list of workspace members, or add new members by entering the user's email address.

If a community member with the given email address already exists, the community member will be added to the room. Otherwise, a brand new user is added as a member of the room.

All room members will automatically become members of the parent workspace and the community in question.

List members

  • Open the Administration client
  • View the room list by navigating to the room overview and click Workspaces & Rooms
  • Choose Settings from the menu for that specific room
  • Select Members from the menu on the left

Create room members

Create new members by performing the following steps:

  • Go to the member list 
  • Click the ADD MEMBERS button
  • Add members by selecting them from the Select members drop-down
  • Tick the Send invitation email check-box, if expedient 
  • Click the SUBMIT button to add selected members to the room

Import members of the room

New members can be created and existing members can be changed by importing them to a room. This is done by performing the following steps:

  • Create an Excel document containing one line per member with the following columns:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Role (observer, participant or administrator)
    • Company email (required)
    • Phone
    • Mobile
    • Groups
  • Select desired rows in the Excel document and select CTRL+C (copy)
  • Navigate to the member list for the desired room
  • Click the Import members button
  • Select CTRL+V (paste)
  • Click the SUBMITbutton to start importing members

    NOTE: Make sure that the columns order in the Excel document matches the column order in the administration client

If you import existing members, the member information will be updated according to the following rules:

  1. First name and last name will not be overwritten
  2. Role changes if the specified role is different from the current one
  3. Company will be overwritten
  4. Email cannot be changed
  5. Phone number will be overwritten
  6. Mobile number will overwritten
  7. The user is added to the specified group (s) if he is not a member of these groups from before

Change a member's user profile

Only community administrator (for the member's default community) can change all information on the member's user profile.

The room administrator can change the following information:

  • Roles in rooms he / she is the administrator of

Perform the following steps to change a user profile:

  • Navigate to the member list for that room
  • Select a member and click the Show profile button or click on the member profile image
  • Change desired fields
  • Click the SUBMIT button

Delete members

  • Navigate to the member list for that room
  • Select the members to be removed from the room
  • Click the REMOVE button
  • By confirming the verification question whether the members should be deleted or not, the members are removed from the room

Invite room members

  • Navigate to the member list for that room
  • Select the members you want to invite
  • Click on the INVITE button and send invitations

Export members

  • Navigate to the member list for that room
  • Select the members you want to export (if you do not select any, all members will be exported). You can also use the filtering or group function and then select all the members you have either filtered or grouped by
  • Click on the EXPORT button and select either "Excel (All Columns)" or "Excel (All visible columns)"

Manage roles

The room administrator, as described in the section Change a member's user profile, can change users' room roles. Changing a member's role can easily be done directly from the member list by clicking the role column for that particular user.


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