Create, edit and delete workspaces


Communities can be structured into workspaces that act as containers for the rooms. A workspace can contain multiple rooms. A room must reside in a workspace. Rooms can be moved from one workspace to another.

Create a new workspace

Perform the following steps using the administration client:

  • As the Community Administrator, select Workspaces & Rooms
  • Click the CREATE WORKSPACE button
  • In the General information section
    • Enter a unique name in the Title field (required)
    • Add a short Description (optional)
  • In the Workspace administrators section, assign at least one workspace administrator (required)
  • In the Invoicing section you may add an invoice reference to be used when invoicing on workspace level
  • Click SUBMIT

Edit workspace settings

As the Workspace Administrator, perform the following steps to edit Workspaces:

  • Go to the administration client
  • Right-click the Workspace in question and
  • Select the Settings option from the pop-up menu
  • Make your changes to the Workspace
  • Click Submit to save your changes

Delete a workspace

  • Go to the Administration app
  • Right-click the Workspace in question and
  • Select the Delete option from the pop-up menu

Note that the Workspace must be empty in order to be able to delete it.

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