Configure print orders

In order to make ordering print-outs in Interaxo as smooth as possible, permanent information about  printing office, authorized orderers etc. should be pre-configured in the Administration client.

The Print order menu item will be made available to the Room Administrator when the corresponding feature is enabled on Community level. Keep print order settings updated by performing the following steps:

  • Appoint authorized orderers
  • Enter Printing Office information
  • Enter company information
  • Enter invoicing information
    Copy company info by ticking the Same as company check box
  • Decide delivery options
  • Choose desired paper type and format
  • When done, click the SUBMIT button in order to make the settings available to authorized orderers in Interaxo

Note:  Almost all fields are mandatory when placing print orders in Interaxo. Speed up the ordering process by pre-configuring as much as possible.

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