Viewing files

Interaxos integrated viewer

Interaxo's integrated viewer works for images, PDF and MS Office documents. The viewer can also display technical files / documents like DWG, DXF and CAL. These file types are displayed in a printable format.

  • When you click a file in a folder, the file opens automatically and is previewed in the integrated viewer. However, if you select the file and click the View button, the preview will open in fullscreen mode.
  • If you select and chose Open in Advanced Viewer, the file will open in advanced viewer instead. This viewer contains several features that allow you to draw and comment directly in the file (see section 1.1.2 Interaxo Advanced Viewer).
  • If you select multiple files and click View, you can scroll back and forth between the files in fullscreen mode.


Inside the viewer you can choose from several different options:

  • See the file name
  • Download the file
  • View the file in fullscreen mode
  • Open the file in Advanced Viewer

For PDF files, Word files and other documents, you can also zoom, print, search and choose to preview all pages if it is a multi-page document.



Advanced viewer

Interaxo's advanced viewer works for most common file formats. Select the file and press the ‘Open in Advanced Viewer’ button


Interaxo’s advanced viewer can be used for most common file formats. Select the file you want to view and click on the ‘View’ button on the toolbar. 

Functionality in the Interaxo’s viewer:

  1. Save (when you've made "annotations" or editing marks and control points)
    Print (to your regular printer)
    Select button (pointer or mark a "region")
  2. Annotate (type text and add revision clouds, editing marks [change mark], control points [check view, etc.]
    When you use annotations, the name of the saved annotation will show as a new comment (e.g. in the entry overview or folder overview). These annotations (comments) are also searchable
    Review (handle the editing marks and control points)
  3. Publish (publish the document with or without annotations/reviews to TIFF or PDF)
  4. Version history
    File information
    View full screen
  5. Search - in the document (with options of for advanced search)
  6. Displays all the pages - you can scroll through them here
  7. Display setting for the viewer (e.g. monochrome or standard)
    Rotate image / page
    Adjust the window to the size of the document
    Customize the window to the width of the document
    Zoom controls
    Zoom window
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