Manage community settings and members

Create a community

This operation is done by the System Administrator of Interaxo.  

Edit the community settings

The System Administrator is able to edit settings for all communities. The Community Administrator can edit community settings in his communities. 

The following community settings are available:

  • General information
  • Manage community administrators
  • Change the logo
  • Activate/deactivate features (System Administrator only)
  • Set invoicing level

Workspace- and Room Administrators will see the community menu options, but cannot make any changes. 

Community members

System- and Community Administrators only are able to select the Members menu item on community level. The following functions are available from the community member list:

  • List all members
  • Filter the list on member status, i.e. All, Active or Deactivated members
  • Search for members
  • Show a member's user profile
  • Activate or de-activate members depending on current status
  • Group the list on one or more columns
  • Show/hide columns in the list
  • Sort the list on selected column
  • Export (all columns) to Excel (not yet implemented)

Distribution groups

(not implemented yet)

Workspaces and rooms

Click this menu item to see all workspaces and rooms you have access to. As a Workspace Administrator you can manage your Workspaces and create new rooms. Manage a room by clicking the room's context menu.

The user profile form

The Community Administrator can update the following fields on a user's profile form:

  • Personal information (name, title, email address, telephone etc.) 
  • The member's role in the individual rooms (observer, participant or administrator)
  • Notification settings
  • Preferred language (EN, NO, SE)

Remember to save your changes by clicking the SUBMIT button. 

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