The Administration module is no longer included as part of the Interaxo application. A brand new and improved administration solution has now been developed and made available as a separate application.

The new administration client is available for all users having an administrator role in Interaxo, i.e. System- , Community- , Workspace-  and Room Administrators.

The purpose of the new administration clientis to provide a better overview, plus simplify and increase the efficiency of administration tasks for all administrators. Administering rooms, users and groups will also to a larger extent support self service principles.

In the longer term the new administration client will offer more functionality, particularly meeting the needs of enterprise customers having large numbers of rooms and room members in order to provide even better overview and powerful administration features.


About the new, improved administration solution

The application is initated by clicking Administration in Interaxo's top pane.

Available functionality is dependent on the role of the administrator (SA, CA, WS or RA). As an example, only System- and Community administrators are able to edit settings and see the member list on Community level.

For more details regarding who can do what, please see remaining articles, and particularly the Navigation article.



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