Open the Administrator client by clicking the Administration link in the Interaxo client's top pane.

Main menu

Available menu options in the main menu depend on your user role.

 EA_menu_icon.png mceclip9.png

Maximize/minimize the menu pane

Available to all administrators


Current community

Available to Community Administrators only


Community settings

Features and invoicing settings are available to Tribia Support only


All members in the community

Available to community administrators only


Groups for populating rooms and information sharing

Not implemented yet


List all workspaces with associated room

Available to all administrators


Current workspace

Available to workspace administrators and community administrators only

mceclip6.png All members in the workspace  
mceclip7.png Workspace settings  

Current room



List of room members

Room groups

Settings for selected room

File templates for creating files

onSite Mobile folders

Default settings for print orders

Administration of Visual Boards

Appoint public links users

Available to all administrators


Default starting page in the Administration client is the current room's Settings page. To manage a workspace or a room, select the Workspaces and rooms menu option and choose an item from the corresponding context menu (three vertical dots).

The following options are available for a Workspace:

  • Settings
  • Create room
  • Delete workspace

The following options are available for a Room:

  • Members
  • Groups
  • Settings
  • File templates
  • onSite mobile
  • Print orders
  • Visual boards
  • Public links
  • Move room
  • Delete room


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