Create and manage simple folders

Create new folders

  1. Select New... from the toolbar or by right-clicking on a folder in the tree structure
  2. Choose Simple Folder
  3. Enter a unique name for the new folder 
    Note: Two folders at the same level in the folder structure can not have the same name
  4. Click Save to create the folder.

For all types of folders you can define the Access rights and insert instructions. Access control defines which groups have access to different folders and what kind of access they have. Instructions are strongly advised in order to explain users what type of information to be entered in a given folder and instructions on how to add it.

Move or copy folders

  • Right-click the folder and select Move or Copy OR
  • Select the folder and select Move or Copy from the More options menu
  • (Optional ) Select the room into which you want to copy/move the folder
  • Select the destination folder

You can also move files by using the drag & drop feature.

Note: You can only move files if you are the administrator or the owner of the files.


Deleting a folder

  • Right-click the folder in question and select Delete OR
  • Tick off the folder in the list view and select the Delete button

Participants cannot delete folders containing locked items (i.e. entries or files). Room- or Community Administrators are able to delete folders having locked items.

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