Create and manage an active folder with workflow


When creating an active folder with workflow, you initially need to

  1. Open the room in question
  2. Navigate to the parent folder
  3. Click on New... > Folder > Active folder with workflow
  4. Enter a unique Folder name
  5. Choose whether or not you want to enable
    • Revision and Publish
    • Revision only in addition to
    • Archiving and
    • Number generator

Read more about creating active folders  and custom fields by clicking Create and manage active folders.

When creating an active folder with workflow you will see 3 new tabs on the screen:

  1. Workfloww
  2. Revision
  3. Publish

Configure the workflow

Geting started

  1. Click on the Workflow tab
  2. Decide whether or not to tick Show all steps to which entries can be moved.
    By checking the box, you can move entries to steps you do not normally have access to if the transition rules on each step allow this.

Three standard workflow steps are suggested:

  1. New
  2. Open
  3. Closed

Add new steps

  1. Enter a unique value for New step name
  2. Click on the Add step button
  3. Click the cog wheel to configure step settings

Delete step

  1. Click the trash can icon for desired step
  2. Confirm deletion by answering Yes to the control question

Configure step settings

  1. Click the step's cog wheel icon

  2. Click the General tab
  3. Edit Step name if desirable
  4. Check if 
    • New entries can be created in this step
    • Entries moved from this step require at least one attachment
    • Entries should be locked in this step
    • it should be allowed to move entries To next step, To all steps or To defined step(s)

  5. Choose whether all or only certain users should be able to move entries from the step
  6. Specify who is notified when entries are created or moved to this step

  7. Click the Access rights tab and determine the access rights for the step
  8. Click the Instructions tab and enter a description or help text for the step


Click the Revision tab to configure how entries can be revised:

  1. Decide who will have Access to revise, all or designated room members

  2. Under Revision Steps, determine
    • Which field revision is allowed from
    • Which step new revisions should be created in, first step or a specific step

  3. Select which metadata fields to use as Revision fields:
    • Revision date
    • Revision field
    • Revision comment

  4. Select which metadata fields should be blanked out  in new revisions



Click the Publish tab to configure how entries can be published:

  1. Decide who will have Access to publish, all or designated room members

  2. Under Publish options, determine
    • From which steps it should be allowed to publish
    • Which metadata field contains the Publish comment




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