Create and manage active folders

Steps to create a new active folder

  1. Open the parent folder in the room

  2. Click on New ... > Folder > Active folder 

  3. On the General tab, assign the folder a unique Folder name 

  4. Tick checkboxes for Archiving and/or Number generator to configure settings on corresponding tabs

  5. Enter text into the rich text fields on the Instructions tab if desired

  6. Click the Fields tab to define which custom fields you want to include as metadata for the entries
    (see below)

  7. Specify Archiving settings

  8. Add File Naming rules 

  9. Configure Access control for the active folder 

  10. When done, click the Save button to create the folder


Custom field types

Each custom field type has its own set of configurable properties. These will not be described in detail here, see separate help article. The following custom field types ​​are available:

  • Plain text 
    Free text used for title, description, annotation, etc. Activate Word-wrapping to limit that the field extends beyond several columns

  • Number
    Only numbers are allowed

  • Date
    Initial value must be configured

  • List
    This is very useful when you want to categorise entries. A list of fixed values must be defined.​​

  • Member list 
    Select members and/or groups defined for the room

  • Auto number 
    A serial number that is generated automatically for numbering your entries. For more advanced number strings, use the Number generator.
    Contact Tribia Support if you need help to implement auto numbering.

  • Rich text 
    In addition to plain text, you can enter links, e.g. internet addresses (URLs) and formatted text.

Remember that you have to choose which custom field should be the active folder's Entry title. Unlike all  other custom fields, the Entry title field cannot be hidden in the list view.



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