General information on drawing management

Depending on the project size and needs, Interaxo offers two alternative ways of doing drawing management:


1. Advanced folder with revision management

Revision of drawings are handled in an advanced folder where the system helps to keep track of revisions.  Last revision of the drawing file, and previous revisions are available in the same entry.

This method is recommended for small projects or projects in the design phase.

The template is set up with the following access control: All the members in the room has access and insight into the folder, but only group Consultant has the right to edit, ie revise drawings.

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2. Workflow Folder with revision management, publishing to the entrepreneur and the opportunity for interdisciplinary control

Revision of drawings are handled in an advanced folder with workflow where the last revision of the plan is published to a separate folder ("Published") and earlier revisions are stored in a separate folder history ("History"). It is possible for an approval process in several steps in drawing management folder.

The method is recommended in projects in the construction phase with many users and different parties

The template is set up with three steps where the Consultant creates entries and add drawing files in the first step, and forwarded to the Approval step. The project manager has the right to send the entry on to the Pre-approved step and there Publish to Work Drawings folder (Published). Consultant has the right to revise from Pre-approved step. By revising the entry it is marked with a yellow flag in the Working Drawings folder. The groups Consultant and Project Manager has access to the drawing folder management. Group Consultant has editing rights and can thereby change the metadata and drawing file that are revised. All members in the room has access to the folders Published and History.

The layout of the Workflow folder is generic and can under Administrator settings, define how many steps the workflow will consist of, from which step you can Revise and Publish and who should have the right to move entries, Revise and Publish.

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