Introduction to simple search

In the top right corner in Interaxo you will find search field. Enter the text to search for.

If you get large numbers of search results, only the first 50 will be displayed. It may therefore be advisable to be specific when searching. You can also try to reduce the number of folders or use the standard Windows search functionality (see below).

NB! Searches apply within a community.

Searching for content in any room to which you have access

  • Go to My rooms (the overview of the rooms to which you have access)
  • Type in the text string to search for in the search box in the top right corner
  • Click on the Search button (the magnifying glass) to start searching

Searching for content in one specific room

  • Navigate to the specific room and folder from which you want to perform the search
  • Enter the search text in the search field and click on the Search button

Search results

The search results are displayed on a separate page. You can refine the search result by changing your search string and/or using the standard Windows search functionality. This is described further down.

If you want to expand the search results to more folders and/or rooms, remove folders or room names that precede the search string.

Search tips

By using and combining, some of the following search tips, you should be able to find the content you are looking for by searching in Interaxo  content, properties and comments:

  • Search for a single term
    Example: banana

  • Search for a phrase enclosed in double quotes
    Example: «big yellow banana»

  • Search for an exact term, prefix the term with «=»
    Example: =running

  • Search for conjunctions using the AND operator
    Example: big AND yellow AND banana

  • Search for disjunctions using the OR operator
    Example: big yellow bana is the same as big OR yellow OR banana

  • Search for negation using the NOT operator
    Example: yellow NOT banana

  • Search using wildcards
    Use * to match zero, one, or more characters.
    Use ? to match a single character.
    The follwing examples will find the term «apple»:

  • Search by grouping terms using parantheses
    Example: (big OR large) AND banana

One smart tip is to use filtering, grouping and/or sorting in folders.



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