Keep yourself and other members updated

Latest Activity

Each night you will receive an email with the list of activities done in the rooms you are a member of. Activities may include new items, changing items, deleting items and new members. The email contains links to the items in the room where there has been activity.

Share content

Using the Share button, you can actively notify other members in the room changes. Share button generates an e-mail with the link to the room where you sent the notification from.


Click the Subscribe icon (or link) for a folder, entry or file in order to receive an e-mail notification immediately after someone has made a change to it. The icon/link can be found to the right of the breadcrumb (folder path) at the very top of the content pane:  


In Workflow and advanced folders you can add comments to entries and attachments. Other members can reply to your comments and in this way one can lead to a dialogue on specific items in the room.

Change Log

In advanced and Workflow Folders all changes to the entries are logged - by whom and when the entry is created, by whom and when are files added and all other changes.

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