General information about membership


The Room Administrator (RA) can create new members, i.e. users and groups, from the Members tab. RA can also modify information about existing members.

Even though a room is not ready, new members can be created in conjunction with it. When room structure, security, groups etc. are in place, members may be invited into the room.

By opening a member entry you can:

  • View and modift member information
  • See which rooms the member has access to
  • Activate and deactivate the member
  • Enable/disable notification settings
  • Make the member able to create new rooms


About groups

A user can have multiple group assignments. Groups can be used for

  • Simplifying access control management
  • Assign extended access rights, e.g. the ability to promote a document in a workflow
  • Effective sharing of information items
  • Generalize task assignments


Other available functionality

  • View members
  • See member role assignments
  • Add memembers
  • Create groups
  • Send an e-mail to a user
  • Import members using MS Excel
  • Eksport member information using MS Excel



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