Modifying access rights

How to modify access rights

  • Right-click the content item in question (folder, file or entry) and select Access rights from the pop-up menu, or
  • Tick off the item and select Access rights from the More options drop-down control to see the Access Control List form


Access levels

  • Choose Share if you don't want members to edit items they are not the owner of
  • Collaborate allow members being at least Participants to edit items
  • If you want to hide items from other members, choose Private
  • Custom enables you to select members (users and groups) and assign access by choice


Custom access

Perform the following steps to customize access to an item:

  • Choose Custom access level
  • Select users (not recommended) and/or groups (recommended) from the pull-down control and click the Add button
  • Assign access by ticking off for Add, Edit or Delete in the matrix
  • Remove mebers by selecting the Remove link
  • Click the Ok button to save your settings


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