Modifying access rights

How to modify access rights

  • Right-click the content item in question (folder, file or entry) and select Access rights from the pop-up menu, or
  • Tick off the item and select Access rights from the More options drop-down control to see the Access Control List form

Access levels

  • Choose Share if you don't want members to edit items they are not the owner of
  • Collaborate allow members being at least Participants to edit items
  • If you want to hide items from other members, choose Private
  • Custom enables you to select members (users and groups) and assign access by choice

Custom level

Perform the following steps to customize access to an item:

  • Choose Custom access level
  • Select users (not recommended) and/or groups (recommended) from the pull-down control and click the Add button
  • Assign access by ticking off for Add, Edit or Delete in the matrix
  • Remove mebers by selecting the Remove link
  • Click the Ok button to save your settings

Access control is inherited down the hierarchy until it is intenionally broken. Then it must be set specifically on each individual element after this. This means that if you set a specific access on a folder, it will also be set to all sub-folders as long as you have not overridden the access to one of the elements in the folder. Then this will not be affected.

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