Custom field types in active folders

Field Types

When creating active folders, you need to create at least one custom field. Custom fields contain information describing individual entries (metadata).

Types of fields you can create are:

Plain text Field allows all characters and numbers . One can define whether you want a limit on the number of characters you can enter and the long texts can be wrapped on the entry view.
Number The field allows only numbers
Date The field allows only dates

In this field you can

  • Add multiple values ​​(one value per line) that act as a selection list when creating new entries. Selecting multiple values is supported.
  • Tick off Add descriptions in order to add both a code value and an accompanying description.

In both cases it is possible to paste codes (and descriptions), e.g. from Excel.

Member list In this field you can retrieve members and groups from the room's member list . One can allow multiple values
Autonumber Field provides automatic number when creating new entry. As an example: 000 , the number at the first entry will be 001
Rich text

In this field you can add formatted text and links.

Common to all fields is that you can add:

  • Description - you can enter the type of information that should be added to the field. The description appears when creating new entries and add information to the fields

  • Output Value - the value you add to this field will be automatically added to the field when creating new entries and can be overwritten

  • Required - if you check this box, the field must be filled in when creating new entries

  • Hide in list view - if you check this box the field will not appear in the list on summary page or inside details about the entry

You always have to create an entry title in active folders. This is done by selecting the star to the left of the field name on the Fields tab.


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