Automatic file naming

How to set a rule for file naming

The rule for file naming determines how files uploaded as attachments to an entry should be named. You can set rules for file names when creating a folder or you can change or set a rule for file naming of existing folders.

  • Open the folder settings, right-click and select Settings
  • Choose File naming
  • Choose how you want to name files when they are uploaded

Set the file name equal entry title
If you choose this rule, all files have the same names as entries.
Eg. if you use field Drawing number as the entry title all attachments will be uploaded and get the drawing number as the file name. To distinguish multiple files at the same same entry the filename ends with the character "_" and a serial number. Eg. TGN-1013-XDV_1.PDF, TGN-1013-XDV_2.DOCX

Create a rule for file names
You can choose to create a custom rule for file naming. You can then select the file name to be put together by values ​​and fixed texts. For example, the following rule "Serial number - Draw No. - 2013" result filenames "003-TGN-1013-XDV-2013_1.PDF"

Note: For a field to be used in file naming rules, it must be mandatory and only allow for single values.

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