How to set up print order


With print order it is possible to send files directly to the print agency from Interaxo regardless of which agency is used. The order gives the acency access to all the information as well as the ability to download all files included without being a member in Interaxo. Automatic status change is enabled when one receives and downloads files and the copy firm can notify the recipient when files are distributed.

In order to use the print order in the project room, the functionality must be activated. Then the default settings will enhance the print order ordering process. One must be either a project room administrator or a community administrator to set up the print order. To enable print order in a project room, this requires a subscription for the construction module. 

How to activate print order

To activate print order in a project room go to Settings, tick off for print order and choose which members who can send print orders. Groups cannot be chosen, only individual members. Only members who can send print order will see the functionality for print orders the room.  

 Default settings for print order

Default settings for print order is set in each project room under Settings in the sidebar. Then select Print order. Here you will need to fill out information about the print agency, customer information and invoice information as well as the supply and production method. The settings you specify here will be set as your default choice each time you send a print order from this spesific project room. All fields are editable so that one has the opportunity to change the information on each specific order.

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