Online edit in Chrome

The first time you open an Office document you will be asked if you allow the browser to open up an external application - in this case MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint. In order for you to be able to use online-edit (marking a document inside Interaxo and pressing the 'Edit'-button) you have to accept this in Chrome. You can do this by pressing the 'Launch Application'-button inside this window.

In order for you to not have to repeat this every time you edit a document, we recommend that you use the checkbox for "Remember my choice for all links of this type".

You will have to accept this in Excel, Word and PowerPoint since these are three different applications.

This will work in Microsoft Office 2010, Service Pack 2 or in newer versions.

Insecure content

If you receive a warning regarding insecure content when you start MS Office then you will have to add the Interaxo-domain (the internet address) as a trusted site on your computer. See the article "I receive a warning every time I edit an Office document".

Users with Windows 7 can either follow the instructions from Microsoft or contact our support.


Error message

You might receive an error message when you press the Edit button inside Interaxo
This message will tell you are unable to edit the document. This can happen if you wait too long to accept the prompt that appears.

Don't forget to check the option for your browser to be able to open Office applications.

Ikke glem å huke av for at nettleseren din skal kunne åpne Officeprogram. 

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