Number generator

In Interaxo you have the ability to configure document numbers, e.g. when there is a need for identifying documents uniquely.  

Select one of the following options: 

  • Automatic:
    By choosing this option you will not have to enter the sequence number yourself. Based on the combination choosed for the  Document ID field, the system will automatically find the first available sequence number for the selected combination.
  • Manual (document ID is not locked):
    The sequence number must be entered by the user and duplicate values are allowed.

  • Manual (document ID is locked): 
    The sequence number must be entered by the user, but duplicate values are NOT allowed. In other words, it has to be unique.

All elements that constitute the document number must be of type (choice) List. You might want to define a document number consisting of the following predefined list fields:

Project No-Contract No-Document Type-Sequence No

When creating a new entry, it would be given a document number like this:


10000-C10-DEV-0001 (where DEV may stand for the document type deviation).


Valid punctuation marks are hyphen (-) and underscore (_). Click the corresponding keys and hit ENTER to include them in the document number string definition.

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