Number generator


In Interaxo you have the ability to generate document numbers, e.g. when there is a need for customizing document numbers and identifying documents uniquely.  

You decide on the number of elements, as well as which fields should constitute the Document ID field. For the sake of readability, the individual elements should have punctuation marks. A sequence number can be added as the last element, and you decide how many digits this should consist of.

The number generator is used in active folders and must be enabled for the folders in question. This is done by performing the following steps:

  • Open Settings for the folder
  • Enable Number generator on the General tab and
  • Configure the setup on the Number generator tab
    (this tab is available only if functionality is enabled)



Select one of the following options: 

  • Automatic 
    The sequence number is generated automatically.
    Based on the selected combination for the Document ID field, Interaxo finds the next available sequence number for that combination.

  • Manual (document ID is not locked)
    The sequence number must be entered by the user and duplicate values are allowed.

  • Manual (document ID is locked)
    The sequence number must be entered by the user, but duplicate values are NOT allowed. In other words, it has to be unique.

The following settings must be configured:

  • Lock Level
    For the Automatic and Manual variables (Document ID Lock), you must define the level at which the document number should be locked:

- Community
  This is the default choice. Locking at this level makes the document number unique 
  throughout the community.

- Room
  The document number is unique within the room the active folder belongs to.

  • Sequence Number
    Choose one of the following 3 options:

- Do not use sequence number
  Only selectable for variant Manual (Document ID not locked). Allows you to generate
  document numbers without sequence number.

- Use only sequence number
  For type Automatic, this is always selected and can be selected for both variants of Manual.
  Provides the ability to generate document numbers with sequence number.
  The number of digits in the sequence number must be selected.

- Use both sequence and sub-sequence number
  Can be selected for both variants of Manual.
  Provides the ability to generate document numbers with both sequence number and
  sub-sequence number.
  Both number of digits in the sequence number and number of digits in the sub-sequence 
  number must be selected.

  • Document ID
    Define which fields the individual paragraphs in the document number should consist of. These must be of the Type list. All fields must be mandatory and read-only.

    Valid separators are hyphen (-) and underline (_). Click on hyphens or underline followed by ENTER to include punctuation marks in the structure of the document number.



You want to define a document number built up this way:

project number  contract number  document type  sequence number 

When a new entry is created, the Document ID field will, for example, be assigned this document number:

10000-K10-DEV_0011, where

  • 10000 represents the project number
  • K10 represents the contract number
  • DEV eg. stands for the document type Deviation and
  • 0011 is the generated sequence number in this particular field combination and where
  • both hyphen and underscore are used as punctuation marks


Use of code manuals

In active folders, it is possible to define List fields consisting of codes with corresponding descriptions (Code Manual). When a new entry is created, both the code and the description appear, but only the code is used in the document number. Code manuals can be imported from Excel using drag and drop. See the help article for defining choice lists.



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