Order printed copies


Ordering prints can be done if Print orders feature is activated on Community level and you are an authorized orderer. 

  1. Select files or entries containing files and click the Add to order button (or right-click a file or entry and select the same option from the pop-up menu).
  2. Observe that the number of files in the shopping cart in the upper right corner is updated. Click the cart icon to complete the order. 
  3. The Print orders main menu option lists all orders. View order statuses and open orders to see files and the attached information. 

Create order

When done selecting files and entries, open the shopping cart and click the Create order button. Complete the prefilled (if done by the Room Administrator) Print order form. Fill inn/alter all necessary information re printing company, customer, invoicing and production.
Please observe the following re information on the Production details tab:

  1. Choose to print all files using the same paper type, format and number of copies OR upload a distribution list specifying all these details per file. Idf expedient, you may also use the Additional comments tab.
    Remember to remove unwanted and duplicated files by clicking their respecive X icons. 
  2. Provide Desired delivery date and Type of delivery
  3. Please note that  if Specified in attached distribution list is checked, you have to upload the distribution list in order to be able to place the order. 

When you are happy with your order, click the Create order button, and the order's status is set ot Sent.

Printing company

Copy shop addressee will receive the order by email containing all necessary information including contact information to Symetri's support department. The prder should be processed by performing the following steps: 

  1. A link to the order is included in the email. By opening the order, its status is automatically updated to Received.
  2. The copy shop operator sees all order information and can now download attached files.
  3. To complete the order after having printet all files, the operator can inform the buyer by clicking another link in the received email. The order status is now set to Dispatched, and a confirmation email is automatically sent to the buyer.
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