Create and manage BIM folders

What is a BIM folder?

Building Information Modelling folders contain model files. Interaxo  has a BIM viewer allowing users to vew and navigate the models in 3D. Zoom in to investigate details re doors, windows, stairs etc.

Create a BIM folder

In order to be able to manage BIM files, the BIM Viewer feature has to be activated on Community level. Create a BIM folder by performing the following steps:

  1. Open the parent folder
  2. Click the New... > BIM folder button
  3. Provide a unique folder name
  4. Change the folder's access rights if needed
  5. Add Instructions if expedient
  6. Click the Save button

The new BIM folder is opened, ready for uploading of model files.

Upload model files

  1. Open the BIM folder
  2. Click the Add IFC file button
  3. Enter a model name
  4. Type a comment (optional)
  5. Click the Add file button to upload the model files
  6. Click the Ok button

View models

Open the desired model by right-clicking the model file and select View models from the pop-up menu.

New revision

Keep the model updated by uploading files as a new revision:

  1. Click the Upload new revision button
  2. Add your comments
  3. Select file/s
  4. Click the Ok button

Delete model files

  1. Tick off the file/s that are to be deleted
  2. Click the Delete model button
  3. Confirm deletion
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