Getting started with Interaxo Mobile

Download Interaxo Mobile

Go to App Store, search for Interaxo Mobile and install it. Open the app, press the Login button and enter your user credentials.

Note: Type in the same user name and password as if you were logging in to the Interaxo web application on your desktop/laptop computer. 



Once you’ve connected the Interaxo Mobile you can start finding, downloading, and using your INTERAXO content.

The INTERAXO repository consists of communities and associated rooms. Inside a room, content is organized by means of a folder hierarchy.

The INTERAXO app display is split into three main areas:

  • Sidebar
  • List pane
  • Preview pane



The icons here give you access to all the INTERAXO Mobile content. You can slide the Sidebar in and out to display more detail.

Accounts Communities
Switch between or manage INTERAXO communities.

Sites Rooms
Choose a room, then view or add content.

Local Files Local Files
View content stored on your device.

 Log out
Log out by tapping this menu item and verify the action by selecting Yes when asked.


List pane

Displays the results of your selection in the Sidebar. For example, if you selected Rooms, then a list of rooms will be displayed. Tap a room to list the room's content.

If you’re in a room, then at the top of the list is a Settings button that you can tap to go back a level.

Tip:Pull down the List pane to refresh its content, if needed.

Preview pane

Displays a preview of the file currently selected. In addition, miscellaneous viewing and file management options become available. The preview is displayed until another selection is made.

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