Adapt active folders to drawing management


How you organize your drawings will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Many projects would upload all drawing lists (master document register) and drawings to the same folder, while others choose to divide by subject.  

Drawing management

  1. If not already done, navigate to the target folder and create an active folder with workflow by clicking New... > Folder > Active folder with workflow.
    Alternatively, copy folder templates, e.g. Construction template and Design templateinto your room.

  2. On the General tab, enable Revising and publishing by ticking the corresponding check-box.

  3. On the Fields tab, create necessary custom fields.
    In order to import at a later stage, the fields you create in Interaxo must correspond with the fields in your project’s master document register. Your master document register must be in Excel format.

    Create the following mandatory fields:
    • Revision number
      Revision management requires a list of predefined revision numbers set in advance. Please use the revision index (manual) pointed out for this project (eg . Letters, numbers or a combination of the two).

    • Revision date

  4. Add necessary workflow steps, e.g. Published and Historical.
    Typically, drawings are added to step 1. Hence, it is recommended  that step 2 does not allow for new entries to be uploaded.


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