Adapt active folders to drawing management

How you organize your drawings will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Many projects would upload all drawing lists (master document register) and drawings to the same folder, while others choose to divide by subject.  

How to set up an active folder workflow designed to manage drawings 

  1. Create a new active folder with workflow by clicking on "New ... " from the toolbar or by right-clicking on a folder in the tree structure.

  2. Select «Active folder with workflow".
    Give it a unique folder name under the General tab 

NB. Folders at the same level in the tree structure cannot have the same name

  1. Enable Revising and publishing by ticking the check box. Alternatively right click and select Settings.

  2. Customize fields  

Select the tab Fields and click the Add Field button to create metadata fields. In order to import at a later stage, the fields you create in INTERAXO must correspond with the fields in your project’s master document register. Your master document register must be in Excel format. 
For more information, please see the article on how to import entries.

  1. A new window will open to enter information about the field you want to create. 

Alternatively, you can use one of the templates: "Construction template” and "Design template". 

Remember to create a field for revision number and revision date. Revision management requires a list of predefined revision numbers set in advance. Please use the revision index (manual) pointed out for this project (eg . Letters, numbers or a combination of the two). The revision date must be a date field type. Both of these fields must be set to mandatory.  

Customize workflow folder 

    1. Select the tab "workflow." In the template you will find a workflow with 3 steps. These can be changed or deleted as required.  To add more steps to the process, select "Add step". 
    2. Typically, drawings are added at step 1. Therefore ensure that step 2 does not allow new entries to be uploaded by ticking off the option "New entries can be added to this step"

 The following settings can be changed within a step:

  • Step Name
  • Whether new entries will be created directly
  • If the step represents a locked step (last step). NB. When the lock is set, it cannot be reverted. The step must be deleted and added again.
  • Which step(s) entries can be moved to
  • Who can move entries from this step
  • Who should be notified when entries are created in or moved to this step
  • What email template to be used (English, Norwegian or Swedish) 
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