My overview

My rooms, content and entries with due date

When you enter Interaxo or choose a new community, you will first get an overview for that community. The overview shows you:

  • My rooms: the rooms you have access to in that particular community
  • Entries with due dates: an overview of all the activities that have been assigned to you in the community
  • Content: locked documents (Edit) and your Last edited documents

My rooms

This is an overview of all the rooms you are a member of in the selected community. To return to this overview when you're in a room, click on the logo in the top left corner. (This may be the Interaxo logo or a company logo)


If you are a member of several rooms, you can easily set one or more as favourites. In this way you will have a faster and easier access to the rooms you use the most. 

Your favourites are rooms with a solid yellow star in front of the name:

  • Click on the star in front of the name to set a room as your favourite
  • Click on the star again to remove it from the list of favourites
  • Click on the button Favourites in the drop down menu to narrow down and see only the favourites
  • Click on All rooms to see all of the rooms

Switch between communities

The rooms you have access to may be in different communities. If so, you can switch between them like this: 

In the top left corner of the page, next to the logo: Click on the community name and choose another from the drop-down list.

Switch between rooms in the community

If you have been invited to different rooms in one or many communities, you can easily switch between them like this: 

At the top of the page: click on the currently selected room and choose another from the drop-down list. 

Entries with a due date

Open a task by clicking on one of the entries in the list. 


Open a file by clicking on its name in the list. Change the list by selecting either Edit (files that are locked for editing) or Last edited (i.e. by you) from the drop-down list.

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