File versioning

Add a new version to a file

There are two ways to add a new version of a file:

  1. Select a file or right click and select Add new version. Get the file you want to add from Windows Explorer. Add version comment. Click on OK.

  2. Drag and drop a file with the same file name in the same folder. You will be asked whether you want to add a new version or a copy of the existing file. (You can rename the file copy later if you chose this option to create a completely new file).

Work with file versions

  • Click on the versioning icon for the actual file.


  • You may also look at the file with the document viewer in Interaxo. In the top menu, you can click on Version history.
  • Previous versions are now visible in the dialog box. 
  • By clicking on Restore, the version will be restored and be added as the last version. (the original version will be unchanged)
  • Click on Download to get a previous version

This also applies to files in entries in active folders. This is described in more detail in a separate section.



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