Create entries


In an active folder you always first create the entry, before possibly adding files to it.

An entry contains information, also called metadata, about one or more objects (files, links). But the entry can also only contain the metadata and no files. The entry can be compared to a database record or an index card. One can also envision that each entry is like a row in an Excel file, for example one task or clarification per row. The entry describes the particular task. This information (the metadata) improves the possibility to find what you are looking for.

You can either sort, group or filter the fields of the active folder, dependent on whether the information consists of for example a list of options or plain text.

To upload one or more files in an active folder you first need to create an entry. To be more efficient, the information of the entries can more easily be created in Microsoft Excel and then imported to the active folder in Interaxo. This is particularly useful when you need to create many entries at a time. 

Create a new entry

Right-click on the active folder (with or without workflow), or alternatively open the folder and press the button New entry.

  1. Enter the information in the fields 
  2. Add one or more files by pressing the New button. Select File Upload or
    File from template (available in Interaxo Pro).
  3. You can add multiple files by holding down the Shift key while selecting files
  4. Press the Create button.
  5. You can always go back to the entry to add files later.
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