Adding files to entries

Note: If a file naming rule is activated for the active folder, the names of the files you upload will be changed according to the rule. 

Upload files

  1. Open an entry in an active folder or right click on an entry in the active folder
  2. Click on the New.... > File upload button, alternatively right-click  an entry and select New... > File Upload
  3. Select one or more files in Windows Explorer (hold down Shift or Ctrl to select multiple files)
  4. Click the Open button
  5. The files start uploading to the Links and attachments section of the entry

Add files using drag and drop

  1. Open the entry in the active folder to which you want to upload files
  2. Open Windows Explorer, locate the files you want to add to the entry, select the file(s) and drag-and-drop them to the entry's attachment section. 

Add file from template

File templates have to be created in the room using the Administration client. Add a new file based on a file template by performing thefollowing steps:

  1. Navigate to desired room and active folder
  2. Open the entry in question
  3. Click the New... > File from template button
  4. Open a template folder if necessary
  5. Click the desired file template
  6. Preview the file if the fileformat supports viewing
  7. Type a value in the Enter new file name field, or keep the default value
  8. Click the Ok button to add the file to the entry
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