Import/update entries and files


Batch import of files is available if the Drawing management feature has been activated on Community level.

The functionality to import files into an active folder with or without workflow can either be used to import files to specific entries, or to import files at the same time as creating new entries.

Create an Excel file with the same column layout as in the active folder. The fields in the active folder must be in the same order as the columns in Excel. The names of the columns, however do not have to be identical to the field names. All the mandatory fields in Interaxo must be filled out, otherwise those specific, incomplete entries will not be imported. 

Fill in the Excel file with all the data to be imported. Each row in Excel will become an entry in the active folder.

Importing entries

In Excel:

  1. Highlight the relevant rows and cells in Excel.
    NB! Do not include the row of any column headings!
  2. Click  CTRL+C (copy) to copy the cells i

In Interaxo:

  1. Rightclick the active folder and select Import > Entries
    The Import window will open.

  2. Click on CTRL+V (paste) in the empty space below the column headings (field names) 

  3. Make sure all the content is correct. Correct any errors. If there are many inconsistencies,it is recommended that you cancel the import procedure and go back to Excel to correct the data before importing. You can continue with the import if the data are accepted and choose to fix the data later, using Excel again. See separate article on updating existing entries.

  4. Click on the Import button

All information that is mandatory must be completed. If there are errors or anything is missing, you will see a red frame around the current field and can change the value(s). There may be drop-down lists in which you select a value, or texts, dates or numbers to fill in.

In front of each row in the import window there is a small icon:

  • Red: something is wrong and must be corrected
  • Blue: a new entry will be created
  • Green: the entry already exists in the active folder and it will be updated
  • Yellow: the entry already exists and will be updated with a new revision (revision number, and revision date will be changed)

The entries have now been created and you can add or import files to the entries.

Importing files

Perform the following steps to import files to respective entries:

  1. Right-click on the active folder and select Import > Files

  2. Make sure the file name is matched to the correct field in Interaxo. We recommend that this is a unique field such as, e.g. a drawing number (for an active folder with drawings). The field value must be the same as the file name (except the extension). It is possible to set a rule where this field matches only the first part of the filename. This is known as a "partial match on filename" and is discussed further down.

  3. Click on Add file and select the files you want to import from your Windows Explorer

  4. When the files have been added to the list, verify that all the information (metadata) in the columns is correct

  5. You can also use a rule for matching the file names: Partial match on filename
    Example: The file "A-40.1-113_revA-pdf" imported to drawing number field "A-40.1-113". The system does not consider what comes after the "_" in this example.
    NB! When using  a partial match you will need to choose this setting - BEFORE you click on the Add file button!

  6. If you select a file that does not already have an existing entry in the active folder, a new entry will be created for this file. Remember to enter the correct information about the file.

  7. Finally click on the Import button. 

  8. If you don't see the Import button, you must select one entry at a time, click the Add file button and choose files from Windows.

Update existing entries

TIP: To batch edit multiple entries that are already in the active folder, you can export them to Excel first and make all the changes there. Then import the entries back into Interaxo. They will then be updated with the latest information.

  1. In Interaxo, choose Import > Entries after making the changes in Excel

  2. Make sure to have checked Update existing entries
  3. Then select the field to be matched. This is usually the entry title field. 

  4. Copy data from Excel using Ctrl+C and paste (Ctrl+V) it into Interaxo. The entries that have been changed will now be updated in the active folder.

  5. Click on the Import button

  6. All entries that shown in the list in the import window will be imported (regardless of whether there is a check in front of the entry).

Revise settings

  1. Choose which of the fields should be the revision field. In the revision field for the folder, the existing value will be updated to the next revision number when you add files to the dialog box.

  2. Select which field should be the revision date. In the revision date field for the folder, the current date will be set automatically.

  3. Click the Add File button and add the files you want to import.

  4. Click the Import button
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