Filtering can be used in both simple and active folders and also in the attachment section inside entries.

Once you have chosen a filter for one or more fields a red filter icon appears at the top of the field(s) in question.

There are several ways to reset or turn off filtering:

  • There is a Reset filter button you can click in the bottom right hand corner of the page
  • Uncheck the checkbox for the filter(s) you want to turn off by clicking on the corresponding column header 
  • Click on the gear icon above the list of entries or files and choose Clear filters

Filter types

Text filter

Text filters can be used in several ways, both in simple folders and in the list of attachments inside the entries. Here are some examples:

  • For files
    • Filenames/parts of filenames (e.g. "plan")
    • File extension (e.g. "pdf")
  • All or parts of words (e.g. "Control")

Number filter

Greater than, Less than or Equal

Can be used for file size or number fields in active folders, e.g. View files larger than 2 MB

Member filter

E.g. View entries for which Peter Project manager or Constantine Construction worker are set as responsible.

Date filter

Before, After and On

E.g. Show files that were modified on the 24th of June 2015

List filter

E.g. View document of the meeting types Planning Meeting or Workshop or ...


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