Folder types in Interaxo

Functionality supported in the different folder types

Functionality Simple folder Active folder Active folder with workflow
Manage files X X X
File versioning X X X
Share content X X X
File comments X X X
Folder comments   X X
Logging   X X
Custom properties   X X
Due dates   X X
Responsibilities   X X
onSite mobile app   X X
Archiving   X X
Notification rules     X
Business processes     X
Drawing management     X
Visual boards     X

 Simple folder

Simple folders act more or less like Windows Explorer folders and can contain subfolders, files and links. The main difference from, and advantage over, Windows Explorer folders, is that Interaxo simple folders can be shared with project team members, and have version tracking on the files. 

In a simple folder you can:

  • add files
  • add comments to files
  • create simple folders
  • create active folders with or without workflow
  • create links

Tip: You can copy one entire folder structure from Windows Explorer into Interaxo.


Active folder 

This folder type makes it possible to add custom properties (metadata) to content objects by offering the concept of entries. 

We recommend using active folders to ensure a good structure and easy retrieval of entries and files. You can sort, group, filter and search for metadata values. You can also gather several files which belong together in the same entry. 

In an active folder you can:

  • Create entries with attached files
  • Add comments to entries and files
  • Log events, e.g. who added, edited or deleted a file etc.  

You should use an active folder for:

  • Drawings which contain data such as drawing number, type, title and revision number
  • All documents you would like to be searchable in a simpler way than only by its file name. 

 Active folder with workflow

Active folders with workflow work the same way as ordinary active folders. In addition, business processes are supported. Hence, the Room Administrator will have to configure all necessary workflow steps to meet your company's business processes. Examples of when an active folder with workflow will be useful:

  • Using Visual Boards
  • Approving drawings
  • Deviations
  • Change orders
  • Case clarifications
  • Attesting travel expenses 
  • Contract approvals


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