Export of room from Interaxo

You can fill in an order form from our web pages. The export job is performed by Symetri Collaboration as a payable service.  

The export is offered in a readable format and packaged in a zip file.

What the export includes

  • The entire folder structure included all sub folders as shown in the project room
  • All files in each folders, and you can chose either all versions or only the most recent file versions 
    • File versions are separated in its own folder called  "ver" i the current folder
  • Member list for the project room can be ordered as part of the export

  • All metadata (entry information) in active folders will be exported into PDF and CSV format (Excel)
    • A new folder will be created for every entry. The folder is named XXXX (entry title field)
    • Meta data is exported as one PDF file per entry and is placed within the folder. The metadata files are named XXXX.metadata.pdf (where XXXX is the entry title field)
    • The PDF file includes the complete log and all comments for that entry
    • All files (attachment) which belong to the entry are found in the same folder with a link in the PDF file to the file
    • For every active folder a CSV file including metadata for all entries, will be exported. This file is named YYYY.metadata.csv (where YYYY is the active folder's name)
  • Any workflow steps in the active folder will be transformed to sub folders of the active folder. Within each step folder the folders for the entries in the specific step will be created, with their information and attachments (if any), placed within that folder

The export can be done using different access rights (per member). 

Note: Currently, exporting comments on simple (yellow) folders and files is not supported. 

You can chose between the following storage options:

  • USB memory stick
  • External hard drive
  • To the customer's own FTP server



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