Entries and associated information

Entries are shown as table rows in an active folder. The entries contain data fields (metadata) which can be used to register specific information about the unique entry.  These metadata fields represent the columns in the active folder.

Other content in entries

Files can be uploaded as Attachments to the entry. Everyone who has access to an entry can add Comments to the entry. All operations performed to an entry will be saved in a separate Log.

Metadata fields

The metadata fields are unique to the specific folder, depending on the purpose. If the folder contains drawings, metadata fields for drawing number, title, building number, revision, discipline etc. will be useful. 

Entries can also describe tasks to be performed. Fields such as task description, due date, responsible and status will then be useful. 

Metadata can be mandatory or optional.


Files cannot be uploaded to an active folder directly, but must be added as an attachment to an existing entry in the folder. For all practical matters, you will usually create a new entry, enter information into the metadata fields and upload files in one operation. Both attachments and information can also be changed or added later.

The entries with attachment(s) are displayed with a paper clip in the folder overview. Click on the number of files to list all the attachments in the entry. Click on the file, click on the View or the View in New Tab link to view the contents of a file. Click the Download link to save the file on your PC.
NB: Some files are always downloaded even if you have selected preview.

Retrieval and overview

Active folders can contain many entries. To get a good overview of the information on entries and their content, there are powerful features for sorting, grouping and filtering rows in the folder.

To open an entry

Entries are created in active folders. Open the folder to list all the entries in the folder.

Click on the entry's entry title (it looks like a link) to see all the information about the entry (document). This may be a document title, drawing number, type of document or other fields.  




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