Online editing of Office documents

There is no need for a plug-in to edit an MS Office document, but you must have the appropriate permissions for the document to edit it. Anyone who uploads a document automatically becomes the owner of that document and therefore has the right to edit, move, and delete it. This person can also determine who else should have permission to manage the document.

  1. Select the document you want to edit
  2. Click on Edit in the toolbar or rightclick on the file and select Edit
  3. The file will then have an icon in front of the file name in the folder. The icon looks like a piece of paper with a pen for you, and as a padlock for others. This indicates that the document is being edited
  4. Log in with your Interaxo credentials
  5. The file is then opened in MS Office (Word, Excel or PowerPoint)
  6. Make any changes you want in the document
  7. Save and close the file (X)
  8. You are then asked if you want to check in the document. Answer Yes. This creates a latest version of the file
  9. Enter any comments about the change in the document, in the box for version comments. If you want to keep the document checked out for further editing, uncheck the box for this
  10. Remember to refresh the page in INTERAXO after you have checked in the document. You can do this by clicking on the refresh icon at the bottom right of the page. You can also choose to use the browser function to refresh the web page.

NB! This may look a little different in different browsers.

If you forget to check in the document, and you are no longer logged in to INTERAXO, you will receive a message saying that you must log in again to update the changes to the document. Log in to INTERAXO in the usual manner.

Unsecured content

If you get a warning about unsecured content when you start Microsoft Office, you must add the domain (web address) INTERAXO as a trusted site. To add domain to Trusted sites:
• Go to "Tools - Internet options" (Internet Explorer)
• Select the "Security" tab and then "Trusted sites" 
• Click on "Sites" and add the domain to the sites. Alternatively, you can contact our support.

Editing Office documents in Chrome

Chrome supports editing of Office documents created in Office 2010, Service Pack 2 or newer.

The first time you open an Office document, you will be asked to allow Chrome to open an external application - in this case, for example, MS Word. To use the online editing, you must accept this in Chrome, which you do by clicking on the "Launch application" button.

To avoid having to repeat this every time, we recommend that you check the "Remember settings" checkbox. This must be done for Excel, Word and PowerPoint, as these are three separate programs.

If you get a warning about unsafe content when you start MS Office, you must add the domain a "trusted location". This is done under Internet settings on your computer.

Windows 7 users can either follow the instructions from Microsoft or contact our support.

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