The Visual Boards user interface basics

The Visual Boards (VB) user interface consists of the following parts:

  • Top bar 
  • Main menu on the left hand side
  • The content pane showing the actual information
  • The workflow steps pane to the right


The Top bar includes the following items:

  • the expand main menu button (when the menu is collapsed)
  • the board name
  • the user's avatar (not included yet)
  • the LOG OUT function
  • a link to the Help Center

The main menu can be collapsed (if more space is needed on the desktop) and expanded. By default the starting page shows all available boards. unless a board has been selected, the only main menu option visible is Boards.

The complete main menu contains the following options:


List all boards

Question Board view

Weekly view

List view

Decision log: questions with approved answers

The content pane shows the questions in different ways depending on the selected view:

  • By selecting the Question Board option from the main menu, a grid with the from- and to- disciplines in the Y- and X- axis respectively is presented. Questions in a cell in the grid is represented by an icon telling the number of questions in it.

  • The Weekly view presents all questions on a timeline where the columns represents week numbers. A question's week number is determined by the Answer due date.

  • The List view presents all questions consecutively as a list with one question per line.

  • The Decision log option lists all approved questions in the same way as the List option.

The workflow steps pane will only be visible in the grid view, and will always contain at least

  • The container holding new, unanswered questions
  • Decision log container, showing the number of approved questions

Remaining steps in the workflow will also be listed, listing all questions currently contained within each step.


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