How do I use the Question Board?


A grid containing Questions from/to selected disciplines is presented by selecting the Question Board option from the main menu. Using this grid you can

  • add new questions by clicking the Add icon
  • see the list of all questions in a cell by clicking the yellow folder icon  
  • see questions belonging to a certain workflow step, by clicking the desired step
  • open the question card by clicking a question item
  • activate/deactivate high contrast and increased text size by clicking the magnifying glass
  • filter questions on disciplines and choice list fields
  • subscribe to the board or to individual questions
  • configure the board's settings


The question card

Update any of the following fields on the question card:

  • Question (if you are a member of the from-discipline)
  • From discipline
  • To discipline
  • Due date
  • Answer (if you are a member of any to-discipline groups)

    Note: Additional custom fields can be added if desired

You may also

  • Add attachments to the question
  • Add comments to the question
  • Inspect and filter the Log section

Remember to SAVE your changes to the question card.

Add new question

Add a new question by pushing the Add icon. As a minimum, fill in values for all mandatory fields:

  • Question
  • From discipline
  • To disciplines and

When done, click the SAVE button.

Move a question to another cell 

Drag & drop a question to another cell if it was misplaced. Note that you will only be able to move a question to rows representing from-disciplines of which you are a member.

Move question to another workflow step

To move a question to another step, simply drag it to the desired step & drop it there. 


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