How do I use the Week View?


The Week View is a grid where the questions are located on a time line divided into week numbers as the unit on the X-axis.

The Y-axis contains selected disciplines.

The representation of questions is the same as for the default Grid View; as icons in the grid's cells. The week number a question is placed under is determined by the value of the Answer Due Date field. If the due date is not specified, the question is located in the No due date column.

The grid

The columns on the X-axis are:

  • To discipline
    Each row represents the discipline that is supposed to answer the question.

  • No due date
    Contains all questions without a value in the Answer due date field.

  • Overdue
    Contains all questions with Answer due date older than 1 week.

  • Current week 
    The header lists the current week number in blue. The column contains all questions that fall due this week.

  • 4 next weeks
    The headers of the next 4 columns contain the respective 4 next week numbers. The corresponding columns contain the questions having Answer due dates within respective week numbers.

  • Week days
    Expand any week column to show week days.



Questions in the Week View are handled in almost exactly the same way as on the Question Board view, with the following exceptions:

  • Questions can only be moved to columns having a week number in the heading

  • Questions cannot be antedated, except for when
    - moving them to the week prior to the current (week number in red)
    - Answer due date is removed, resulting in placing the question in the No due date column

  • When moving a question to another week- or day column by drag-and-drop, the Answer due date will be set to the friday of that week or the target day's date, respectively

  • Dragging a question to another row will change its To-discipline (not implemented yet)

  • Du kan dra og slippe et spørsmål til et annet steg i arbeidsflyten

  • To see a detailed view for any week, expand that week's column to see all week days by clicking the column's right arrow. Collapse week days view by clicking the left arrow.

  • Default viewing time interval can be changed by by setting new values for Start date and End date

  • Calculate percent planned complete by clicking the PPC button

  • Change default PPC period by clicking the corresponding calendar icon

  • Mouse over a question in the grid to see a tooltip with most custom field values
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