Visual Boards characteristics

Visual Boards present different types of information in a graphical user interface that quickly gives users a good overview.

The user interface is essentially grid based where the X- and Y-axes can be divided into different ways, but regular list views are also available.

One specific type, the Question Board, has disciplines, or stakeholders, in both axes in a From/To grid view. The principle is that one discipline creates a question on its table row (from-discipline) in the column for the addressee discipline (to-discipline).

Another way to see the same information is to use the Weekly View. The grid for this board has to-discipline on the Y-axis and week numbers on the X-axis.

A third way of viewing the information is to select the List View. Then all questions and answers will be displayed as a list of one question per line.

The Decision log contains all clarifed questions.

The questions that are created are under the control of an underlying workflow. Regardless of the selected view, you can always see which step the individual question is in.

Initially, only Question Boards are supported, but there will eventually be more types of boards.

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