How do I use the Decision log?

Click the Decision log option from the main menu in order to optain a list of all finished and clarified questions on the board.

This view looks exactly the same as the Question list view, but functionality is limited to the following features:

  • sort the list on any column
    - by clicking the column heading

  • Expand a question for viewing
    - by clicking the down-arrow in the first column of the list

  • Collapse expanded questions
    - by clicking the up-arrow on expanded rows

  • Search across columns
    - by starting tp type in the Search... field

  • Activate filtering on selected columns
    - by clicking the Add filtering icon and start typing in any Filter... field.
      Cancel filtering by clicking the Remove filtering icon.
  • Show / hide desired columns
    - by (un-)ticking the columns listed when clicking the Show/Hide columns icon in the upper
      right corner

  • Rearrange the order of columns
    - by dragging & dropping a column into a new position

  • View Question card
    - by clicking the pencil icon

  • add a new question to the Question board
    - by clicking the Add card icon (+) 
  • Unlock and edit a question by performing the following steps:
    > click the (locked) padlock icon to unlock the question
    > compose a reason why and SAVE it
    > click the pencil icon to edit the question
    > make your changes to the Question card and click the SAVE button


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