Share files using Public Links


It is a need to share files in Interaxo with external resources not being members of any Interaxo  rooms. This is done by creating Public Links to desired files, which in turn can be distributed to external users, e.g. by e-mail.

Shared files can be unshared by removing the Public Link from the system.


The following features have been implemented:

Create Public Link

  • Retrieve/navigate to the file/s in question
  • Right click and select Create public link from the context menu
  • Verify that a Public Link (URL) has been created
  • Click the Close button

Share Public Link

  • Retrieve/navigate to the file/s in question
  • copy desired Public Links 
  • Paste copied Public Links into an e-mail or use other measures of distributing the URLs
  • Send the information to target audience

Discover shared files

  • Shared files will have a type icon overlay indicating that a Public Link exists for the file

Unshare Public Link

  • Retrieve/navigate to shared files
  • Right click the file and select View / unshare public link
  • Click the Unshare button/option
  • Verify that the share overlay is removed from the file/s' type icon

    Note: Ending sharing means that the public link is deleted. By sharing again,
             new link is created. This means that new links must be redistributed.

List all shared files

  • Click the Public links main menu option

Viewing shared files by external users

  • Receive an e-mail or other notification containing URL/s to shared file/s
  • Click a URL
  • View the file in the browser-based viewer

Downloading shared files by external users

  • View the file (as described above)
  • Click the Download button
  • Open the file locally


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