The Week view


The Week View is a grid where all the visual board object types are listed on a time line divided into week numbers as the unit on the X-axis.

Visual board objects appear as card items in the grid's cells. There are 3 types of cards:

  • Questions from one disciplin to other/s
  • Milestones 
  • Deliveries (not implemented yet)

The week number under which an item is placed, is determined by that item's due date field. If the due date is not specified, the item is located in the No due date column.

The grid

The Y-axis units consists of disciplines, one row per discipline. If Milestone items are shown, they always appear in the top row of the grid.

The columns on the X-axis are:

  • Discipline
    Each row represents a discipline.

  • No due date
    Contains all items without a value for the due date field.

  • Overdue
    Contains all items with a due date older than 1 week.

  • Current week 
    The header lists the current week number in blue. The column contains all items that fall due this week.

  • 4 next weeks
    The headers of the next 4 columns contain the respective 4 next week numbers. The corresponding columns contain the items having due dates within respective week numbers.

  • Week days
    Expand any week column to show week days.

Common functions

The tool bar offers the following functions across object types:

  • Select date interval
    (not implemented yet)

  • Expand/collapse cell items
    Click the EXPAND ALL button to show all individual cell items. Click the COLLAPSE ALL button to collapse individual cell items.

  • Zoom 
    Zoom in/out to make the grid appear bigger and smaller respectively.

  • Filter
    Filter, i.e. show/hide cell items containing specific discipline-, member- and list field values

  • Settings
    Personalize cell items by
    - choosing which card title to show
    - show/hide attachments and comments

To see a detailed view for any week, expand that week's column to see all week days. Hide the week days view by collapsing them.

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