How do I compose Search Links manually?


When running an advanced search on an active folder in the Interaxo client, you can have the system generate a Search Link that you may want to copy & paste somewhere in order to reuse it later, either yourself or other users having access to the folder in question. See the help article Advanced search and Search Links for all details.

What is a Search Link?

A Search Link is nothing but a URL that when clicked will launch the Interaxo client and run the embedded query and present the search result as a list of entries.


Search Link syntax

A Search Link consists of the following main parts:

  1. The URL to the Interaxo application
  2. The community and room in question
  3. The folder in which the search is to be run
  4. The query

General syntax

The Search Link's general syntax is as follows:

https://<URL to Interaxo>/<community name>/<room name>/<folder-id>/search?<query>


  • <URL to Interaxo><community name><room name> and <folder-id>
    can be provided by Symetri Collaboration's Helpdesk, or may be found by navigating to the desired folder and generating a Search Link using the Interaxo client.

    <URL to Interaxo>=
    <community name>
                                         (your community-name, normally the same as your company name)
    <room name>=new-berkeley-university 
                               (your chosen room/project name)
                          (dependent on the actual folder)

  • the <query> syntax is
    <field name1>=searchstring1&<field name2>=searchstring2& etc.

Please note that

  1. the & is used as a delimiter between each search item in the query
  2. there is an imaginary AND operator between all search items
  3. searchstring1, searchstring2 etc. are case sensitive when searching in Plain text fields

Multiple search values

If <field name2> allows for multiple values, search items must be entered as

<field name2>=searchstring1&<field name2=searchstring2& etc.

Note that

  • the <field name2> element must be repeated for every search string value when searching for multiple values
  • there is an imaginary OR operator between each repeating search item


Searching for Number fields

Numerals can be searched for in 3 ways.

  1. From a specified value and higher: Add the suffix _from to the field name in question
  2. Up to a specified value: Add the _to suffix to the field name
  3. The range between to values: Use both _from and _to suffixes

If you want to search for entries where the Amount field is greater than or equal to 300, the syntax is

If searching for entries where the field Amount should have values in the range from 300 to 450, the syntax is:

Search using wildcards in Plain text and Autonumber fields

Wildcards that can be used are 
   * : substituting any number of characters
   ? : substituting one character


room*   : returning all entries where the text field contains words starting with room...
*room   : returning all entries where the text field contains words ending with
*room* : returning all entries where the text field contains the character string
23??      : returning all entries where the autonumber field is in the range from 2300 to 2399



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