Members in Interaxo


By logging in to Interaxo, selecting a room and clicking the Members tab, you will get a list of users and groups being members of the room.

Available functionality

On the Members tab you can:

  • List all room members
  • List active members only
  • List administrators only
  • List all participants
  • List observers
    (users with read-only access in the room)
  • Open any members user profile
  • List all groups
  • Open any group to view its Settings and Members
  • Export room member information to Excel
  • Add and administrate members
    (clicking the corresponding buttons will automatically initiate the Administration client)


In a room there can be 2 types of groups:

  • Room groups
  • Distribution groups

Room groups are created within the room in question, while distribution groups are managed on community level and may belong to many rooms in different workspaces in the community.

When adding a distribution group to a room, all group members become members of the room. Distribution groups are indicated with a globe icon in the list.

Note: All management of users and groups is done using the Administration client.


Accepting invitations

If someone invites you into a room in INTERAXO, you may receive an e-mail notification with the following information:

  • The room name 
  • Who invited you 
  • Your access  in the room

Click on the link provided in the e-mail to login to Interaxo. If this is the very first time you login, please perform the following steps:

  • Fill in your full name
  • Enter your personal password
    (it must be at least eight characters, include the capital letters and numbers)
  • Accept the terms of use and click the OK button 

Your user will be activated in the room and you may now log in.


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