Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor Authentication is a feature that can be turned on for a community in Interaxo. If you wish to enable this, you can contact our sales departement or your own sales contact in Tribia.

When enabled, all members of that community will be authenticated with multifactor when logging in to Interaxo. This applies to all community members, and for all communities a member is a member of.


To login, Go to Interaxo, and enter your username and the same password that you are using today.

The first time you login it will be without multifactor authentication, but on the next login, or during navigating in Interaxo, you will be asked to login with mfa.


Choose app for authentication

  • The first time you login with multifactor authentication, you will be asked to either download the Auth0 Guardian app, or use Google Authenticator (or similar autentication apps, e.g. Lastpass Athenticator).
    • The Auth0 Guardian app can be downloaded by clicking on either ”App Store” or ”Google Play”. If you have dowloaded it already, click on ”I’ve already downloaded it”.
    • If you want to use Google Authenticator (or similar) apps for authentication, click on ”I’d rather use Google Authenticator”.


  • Open the Athentication app on your device and scan the QR code:

Auth0 Guardian:


Google Authenticator: After scanning the code, enter the passcode from the app:


  • Write down the code in the next window in case you have to login without your device. Check for “I have safely recorded this code” and click the “>”-button.


  • Click ”Continue” in the next window.
  • Auth0 Guardian only: approve the push notification on your device:


  • If successfully identicated, you will be redirected to Interaxo.


Future logins will be with multifactor authentication. You will first have to enter username and password, thereafter you will be asked to approve the push notification on your device (Auth0 Guardian) or enter verification code (Google Authenticator).


Lost or forgotten your phone/ device

If you have lost or forgotten your phone/ device, you can still log in to Interaxo, but you then need the recovery code you wrote down when you activated multifactor authentication for your Interaxo account. If you have lost/ changed device and need to register your account with a new device, you need to contact our support to reset your multifactor authentication. On your first login after it has been resetted, you will be asked to choose app for authentication (follow the steps described above again).


If you have only forgotten/ doesn’t have your device available, you can follow the steps below to log in.

  • Enter your username and password on the login page as normal.
  • In the next window:
    • For Google Authenticator (or similar) app: Instead of entering the 6-digit code, click on ”Use the recovery code”.
    • For Auth0 Guardian app: If the push to your device is not approved after a time, you will see the screen below, where you can click on ” Use the recovery code”.


  • Enter your recovery code (the code that you wrote down when you first activated multifactor authentication) in the screen below and click the “>”-button:


  • Write down/save the new recovery code shown in the next screen, check for “I have safely recorded this code”and click on the “>”-button. You will then be redirected to Interaxo.
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