Release notes 25.03.2020

For this release we have both some new features and improvements:

  • New BIM Viewer
  • Link to files in Interaxo from Visual Board
  • Changes in revise functionality
  • Comments counting  
  • Changes in Online edit functionality

New BIM Viewer

We have been working for this for a long time and now it’s finally time for releasing our new BIM viewer in Interaxo! With this we now have the same viewer both in BIMEYE and Interaxo. The BIM viewer in Interaxo support viewing of IFC files uploaded to Interaxo either to a simple folder but even if you upload it as an attachment to an entry.  




Single selection is done by using the left mouse button clicking on an object that belongs to an activated category.

Multi selection can be performed (none of the "controlling" functions are activated) by holding down the left mouse button and releasing over the area of interest. Multi selection can also be performed by holding down Ctrl when clicking with the left mouse button on several objects.




When the orbit function is activated the left mouse, button is used for orbiting and the right mouse button is used for panning. 



When the pan function is activated the left mouse, button is used for panning and the right mouse button is used for orbiting.



When the zoom function is activated the left mouse, button is used for zooming in and out and the right mouse button is used for panning.

First person navigation


When this feature is activated following keys are used for navigating in the model.


Controlling when none of the controls are activated in the menu

Panning is done by holding down the scroll wheel.
Rotation is done by holding down Shift + right mouse button.
Multi selection is done by holding down the left mouse button, dragging and releasing.

The section box


In order to adjust the section box, drag and drop the blue arrows that appears around the box boundaries.



In the meta data panel you will see meta data on each and every object in the IFC model by clicking on an object and open the panel as shown in the picture below.


Revision panel

In the revision panel you have two different functions. First of all, if you have more than one version of a IFC file and opens it in the viewer, you can turn on and off the different versions of the file.


Also, by selecting more than one IFC file (for example multiple discipline models) and try to view it in the viewer you will have the option to view or hide on or many models in the viewer or you can choose to isolate models with other models showing as transparent in the background


Note – when you upload an IFC file there will be some minutes before the model is ready to be viewed depending of the size of the model. Meanwhile you will get a notification that the file is not ready if you try to view the model.



Linking to files in Interaxo from the Visual Board

As a user of Visual Board today, you can only upload files from your computer. You cannot link to existing files inside Interaxo. So, by using our search API we now developed a file search and made it possible to search for files and link it to a question card inside the attachment section.



Changes in revise functionality

When revising construction documents (drawings, descriptions), the process may be different from the initial review process, which in effect requires two distinct workflows: one for review and one for revision, where the latter is typically shorter and simpler.

At the moment, a revised document is automatically moved to the first step of the workflow. If a customer wants to support both flows, they have to use two workflow folders, which can easily result in a measure of confusion.

We have now solved this by allowing the user to choose which step an entry is moved to when it is revised. That would allow customers who use an alternative flow to send the entry to the start of that flow.



See total amount of comments for an entry

As today, some customers add files to an entry and comments on the file. In the entry view, you can see that the file(s) have comments, but on the list view of the active folder, the comments counter only show comments made to the entry itself. This make it difficult to keep overview of which entry that have comments on file, and you have to open each entry to see this. The count for comments now includes both comments on files and comments to the entry



Changes in online edit functionality

The last weeks some customers have had some challenges with our online edit feature. 

In this release there will be some changes in the user experience when you want to edit MS documents, but we hope that these changes will fix the problem for those who have trouble using online edit today. You will get a notification after you click edit that explain for you what to do after you are finished with editing in MS Office application. The Check in function in MS Office is now removed so you need to save and go back to Interaxo and choose to check in from there. The version will be major (you will not be able to choose minor or major version) and for now it’s not possible to make a version comment since the dialog box is not visible anymore.


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