Release notes 29.05.2020

Distribution group

A couple of stories to improve Distribution group initiative. Support for adding Distribution group as a subgroup to a local room group are ongoing and will hopefully be ready in the start of next PI period.

  • As a community admin you will now have the possibility to list all rooms a Distribution group has been added to by clicking “Show rooms” button
  • You also have the possibility to add and remove a Distribution group to several rooms in one go by clicking the “Add” button

Visual Boards

A lot of smaller improvements have been done for the Visual Board:

  • Visual board has got better contrast between elements
  • Language settings is now following your profile language setting in Interaxo Web client
  • The column layout has been improved are now taking less space
  • The card layout has been improved
  • Changed list view icon from question mark to list icon
  • Tooltip on card show more relevant information
  • Several improvements to file linking, including the possibility to do partial search without the need for adding special characters

Improvement to workflow move settings

Today a member cannot see nor move entries in/to workflow steps where he/she doesn't have access.
This fact makes it impossible to create one single workflow covering all process needs, often at least two workflows must be created.

So, to be able to do this we have now implemented support for move an entry to a step you don’t have access to.

  • You will be able to see all steps that you can move to, even if you don’t have access to the specific step(s). That is a separate check box in the workflow setting that need to be ticked off by the administrator or folder owner.

  • For restricted steps you will not see the number of entries indicator (see Control step)

  • When you move to a restricted step you get a message: “You are moving to a step to which you don’t have access. Do you want to continue?”. It works both with “Move to” and drag&drop.

  • When the entry Is moved you will get a message saying “The entry was moved”


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