Release notes 6th March 2019

We are constantly working to make your Interaxo user experience even better! In this version, we come up with the opportunity to create and display milestones in Visual Boards as well as a couple of highly-requested improvements around the date of entry and responsible members.

Milestones in Visual Boards

In Visual Boards, you can also create milestones in addition to questions and answers. Milestones represent an overall level in the visual board and can, for example, refer to phases, sub-goals or important events in a project. This provides the opportunity to produce and visualize an overall goal achievement by defining various timed milestones.

Milestones are stored in active folders (without workflow). The milestone folders are first created in the Interaxo client. You can create multiple milestones directories and link one or more of these to a given Visual Board.

The following milestone features are now available:

  • A new menu item in the main menu lets you list all the milestones for the board:

  • Select Milestone list view to see the list of milestones:

    If you have attached several milestone directories to a visual board, you will see all of these here.

  • Click the Add icon (+) to create a new milestone:

    Only administrators can create milestones and add attachments. All users can add comments.


New design in weekly view

  • Milestones are used primarily in the Weekly view. This table has now got a new design:

    The milestones are always displayed in the top row of the table. A star icon indicates that the item is a milestone. To get a uniform feel, the question elements also have a similar design, where the question mark icon distinguishes these from the milestones.

  • On the questionnaire and week view, you can now show and hide table rows by clicking on the up and down arrows for each discipline. Here we have, for example. chosen to hide discipline B:

  • In connection with the new design you can
    - Choose to show / hide all table rows by clicking EXPAND / COLLAPSE ROWS
    - Open and close all question icons by selecting EXPAND / COLLAPSE CELLS

  • Since the week view now contains both questions and milestones, you can choose which Card title to display in front of the respective items under Settings:

    If you have only one milestone folder, you can choose between all text, number and date fields defined on the folder.

    If you have defined multiple milestone folders, you will only be able to choose between the fields that are common to all the folders. If there are no common fields (not recommended), you will always be able to select Entry title.

  • The new design shows the status of milestones now as a red, possibly green circle:

    - Red circle: Milestone not reached
    - Green circle: The milestone is reached when the Met date field has been given a value

  • The same applies to the status of question items:

    - Red circle: The question is not answered
    - Green circle: The question is answered

    So far, a question has appeared that answered when the Answer field has a value.
    If desired, you can continue to use this principle.

    Alternatively, you can now configure an answered date field on the milestone folder. When this gets a value, the status changes to answered (green circle).

    This means that the question field can be given a value without the question getting the status answered, but will, for example, could be perceived as temporary.


Other improvements in Visual Boards

  • You can now click on the question mark in the upper right corner to open the Help Center in a new tab:

  • The link in question email alerts now points to the visual board and not to the underlying folder in Interaxo. Similar links to milestones point to the folder in Interaxo as the milestone folder can be linked to several visual boards.

  • The language in Visual Boards is now determined by the selected language setting in the browser.


Improvements in Interaxo

  • Date fields that have been specified as date lists have now been given a new choice which means that you can set the day's date + x number of days as standard by default. For example, today's date + 10 days will always give the due date 10 days ahead of today.

    When you enter the due date, you will now also be able to set a default value in the member field so that the field is always set to a specific person when a new entry is created.


    Invited users who have not yet logged in are now included in the electoral list of responsible persons in connection with due dates fields. If these users are not yet registered with their first and last name, only the email address will be displayed.
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